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Permanent Action: “The best server clan! Server x1200-NEW" [Always active]

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Dear players, the Elysium.im project announces a promotion

Best clan server PVP x1200

The budget is 1750 usd!

The promotion is valid from the moment the server opens.

The period of each stage of the promotion is 1 week.
The number of stages is unlimited.

The first stage ends on 23 June in the morning at 10-00.
After the end of each promotion period, the clan reputation of all clans is reset.

The minimum number of living people in the clan to participate in the promotion is 16 people.

Clans that do not visit epic bosses in the first three stages, but take prizes, receive a weekly reward in the form of game bonuses, according to the list specified in the fourth and subsequent stages.

The first three stages for real money, with a total budget of 1750 usd, 875 usd per week, of which 625 usd. guaranteed reward and 250 usd for prizes)

Guaranteed The clan that won the prize and fulfilled the conditions of the promotion receives a reward of 125 usd for each stage separately!

Also an award of 125 usd. the clan that did not take a prize place, but fulfilled the conditions of the promotion, receives

The money reward is paid for each stage separately on Friday after summarizing the results.

The clan rating will be formed by the number of clan reputation, the rewards will be distributed as follows:
1st place - 75 usd
2nd place - 65 usd
3rd place - 50 usd
4th place - 35 usd
5th place - 25 usd

Subsequent stages starting from the fourth week for game bonuses

Thus, the clan that took the last place at one stage has a chance to take the first places at other stages of the action.
This is done so that the server has a competitive struggle for leading places in subsequent stages.

Game bonuses starting from the fourth stage:
1st place - 250 COL
2nd place - 200 COL
3rd place - 150 COL
4th place - 100 COL
5th place - 50 COL
Bonuses are issued every week after summing up.

Available ways to get clan reputation:
Killing Epic Bosses:

Valakas: 2000 reputation
Antharas: 1500 reputation
Baium: 1000 reputation
Frintezza: 500 reputation
Zaken: 500 reputation
Queen Ant: 350 reputation
Orfen: 100 reputation
Core: 100 reputation

Boss kill:
Elysium Boss: 150 reputation
Raid Bosses level 76+: 50 reputation (except for Noblesse RB Barakiel, Anakazel, Shadow of Halisha and challenge bosses).
Premium Boss: 150 reputation.

Capturing castles:

Goddard: 1000 reputation

Aden: 500 reputation

For obtaining heroism:
When picked up at the pillar: 150 reputation
The period of the Olympiad is one week.
The award is given to clan leaders. The administration is not responsible for how the clan leader will share the reward in the clan.

Key conditions:
Mutual assistance between clans at the discretion of the administration is punished by the removal of a certain amount of clan reputation.
To receive a cash reward, the clan must visit the main epic bosses without a pass: Baium, Antharas, Valakas, and also with a maximum of two passes of the epic boss: Ant Queen. Clans that win points in the first or last days of the promotion period and do not go to server events on other days will be automatically removed from participation in the promotion.

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